I'm super happy with it! Well done Kevin and Rob, you both really pulled it out of the bag. Special kudos to Kevin for organizing the casting and shoot so quickly.
About Us
A little bit of background on how we got here

KH Digital Video has been creating content for indie game developers and other small business clients for over 6 years. We started out with just one man and a laptop, and have grown to producing high quality content for dozens of developers. Our number one priority is creating video content perfectly suited to your needs - content that we proudly stand behind.

Our background in is theatrical design and performance, which we have leveraged to give us the best sense of how to tell a story as efficiently as possible. Our stage experience was tempered by a decade of working in Los Angeles creating content for film, television, and the web; however, we found that work to be less fulfilling than we hoped. So reached out to see if we could take our talent and experience and use it to help bolster the independent development community. We are all gamers, when it comes down to it, and creating beautiful visuals to help convey your story is our dream job. After all, we get paid to play video games.
I love creating content for indie developers. There is a passion and honesty at that level that you just can't find in the bigger houses. Indie developers are creating from their hearts, and that passion is absolutely contagious.~Kevin Harland, Lead Producer
Our video creation process is simplified into three phases: Concept, Capture, and Create. During Conceptualization we will play the title and learn just what about it you loved so much you needed to share it with the world. We look at visuals, mechanics, and the general tone of the game to best inform our work. After writing a script in conjunction with the client, we move on to Capturing. All footage is captured at the highest possible bitrate and resolution to best display the title's content. We use a combination of OBS, Fraps, and Screenflow to capture the perfect footage for your project. Finally we create a trailer through collaboration with the designers and developers. Art assets are collected, Motion graphics packages are created from scratch, and the footage is added in to create a video that will make your project shine!
Meet the Team
Who are the lemmings that keep this train running?

Kevin Harland

Lead Producer, Editor

Christopher Lee

Additional Game Capture

Caitlin McCown

Production Manager

Erik Johnson

Indie Marketing Consultant
This trailer is AWESOME.

My pleasure Kevin, it's well-deserved! You'll be my first email next time we need some video work done. You did a great job, took the lead when necessary and took feedback on board really well too. Thanks very much!